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GUILD RANKS - Comments and Discussion
thread, in the forums.



Turtlesrun (Phil) is the Guild master of The High Guard. He created the guild and recruited all of its early members. He has final say on all decisions with regards to the guilds community, commendations, demotions and Kicks.

Arneas (Nate) is Turtleruns right hand guy. Responsible for watching over all elements of guild life and enforcing the rules. Other than Turtleruns, Arneas is the only one who can make amendments to guild rules, and authorise rank changes.

Arneas is also the Website and Guild Bank Manager for the guild. Any major issues with either can be resolved dirtectly by him.


Are members who have been active and forward enough to lead our community when the leaders are either not online or just need to delegate some jobs.

These members are Our eyes and ears in the community if any issue or idea need to be brought up it goes through them if not through forum.
They are also tasked with bringing Serious issues to the leaders to be resolved.


These are the guys you go to in your everyday to day issues concerns and information they are in the know and are the people who will raise issues up to the community wardens and Leaders


A guild Member is a still fairly new to the high guard. You have passed your 28 day probation period and have now been welcomed fully into The High Guard.


Brand new members are yet unknown to us and must pass a 28 day probation period before being given guild bank access and other privileges that may be taken advantage of.