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About Us

In Game Guild Etiquette when while partying/Not With The Guild

- Have Manners around other who are not in guild
- Do Not ninja loot if you blemish the guild reputation you will be punished
- If your just sitting in a city doing nothing help some guildies if needed

Rules for Chat

- No Disrespecting the guild auto community kick
- No spamming
- Be polite to people unless there's jokes flying about and you want in on them
- Treat others how you want to be treated
- Although we are an EU guild, Please ensure that chat within channel's, chat rooms and forums is done so in English, showing respect to other members.
- As a mature guild, a bit of 'Language' is acceptable, but don't cross the line!"Dont worry to much we Crossed it about 2 years ago now"

Chain of Command / Grievances

- Never argue over some member or the officer decision in public. Always try to resolve conflict/problems/issues with the other involved member(s) first. Should
you really feel that you can’t work out the conflict/problem/issue make an officer or guild leader aware of your situation. Please do not start posting grievances on public forums (official forums or guild forums), contact a guild officer or a guild leader.

- If a member has an issue with a conduct of another member, he shell first use a Private Mail option to communicate. If an issue can not be resolved in direct communication between the members, then contact officers or guild leader for help because we are here to help members.

- If you disagree with a decision made by an officer never argue over the decision in public. Use private messages to try to settle the conflict , if not contact a guild leader.

- Appeal system is based on in-game mail the officer will post it on main site for discussion "only contact one officer". All action will taken place in voice chat and each side will have the chance to speak there case after everyone is heard then the high council will make there decision.