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Kahz / Jun 18, 2014

General update

We have opened up Class leader positions so if u want to be a class leader please summit a application to us u can find the form HERE.

we also opened up the Raid leaders and Warplot Commander positions.
U can find the aplication form HERE

Application must be copy pasted and sent in a message to Turtelsrun and Kahz

For all our new members!!

I have made a raid sign up for sunday this will not be a raid but be treated as one
It is very important that u will keep an eye on the site and the
Calender to find
all our
Events and Raids.
This is how we will do the sign ups when we are ready for raids and u have to let us know in the event on the calendar if u will be attending- yes/no or a maby

U can find the Calender right above this news section



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