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The First High Guard meeting

Turtlesrun / May 25, 2014
Hey and thanks to the members who were able to attend.
I think it went very well and i hope people have a much better understanding of how the guild will be moving forward and into WS as a group.
What I will say is if you do have any more questions drop them to Turtles and Nate and we will get back to you with answers

Just a few things we went over varying from how the guild members are expected to behave. The re introduction of the high council bringing bk the raid leaders and class leader.
We also talk about bringing back the monthly guild meeting/promotion nights. We also talked about the Guild Ranks changing with the advent of the community becoming a guild proper now that over 90% of the community are going into WS.

As a side not we now REQUIRE all members of the guild to activate there e-mail notification for messages. so that you will know what is happening and when the guild will be having meetings.

Thanks again for your attendance guys

High Guard GM


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